I am very passionate about Mid-Century Modern Design and how amazing these homes are to live in, so as an architect I help people create these kinds of homes for themselves and their families.

I get to discover and test out all of the different business and shops with my clients to design and build their home, most of them in Portugal.

So here is a list of some of the best MCM style products I have come across in MCM in my 15 years as an architect.

Here you will discover:

  • A selection of furniture shops focused on the MCM lifestyle;
  • Where to look also for Lighting, Rugs, Fabrics and Décor;
  • A handful of high-rising artists, art galleries and suppliers to give the ultimate touch of character to your home.

This is not an extensive list of all the furniture stores in Portugal, but rather some findings in the Vintage / Mid-Century Modern design niches.

Some are experts or exclusive on these styles, others are not – but in all of them you’ll certainly find the piece you’re looking for for your own Portugal home.

If you’ve gotten some value and use from it… please share your best findings, suggest new stores & share with anyone you feel might get use from it too!


Joel Rosa

Help us find great stores with Mid-Century Modern Furniture


MIDCENTURYMODERN-FURNITURE is a collection of stores built by Joel Rosa, tailored to meet the increased demand for Mid-Century Modern Design.

Carefully picked with the focus on the Portuguese market, to aid in great pieces discovery.

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